Principles / Approach

Through his deep immersion in the martial arts, John literally lived its principles of how inner disciplining strengthens and sharpens both the mind and body, imbuing us with the power to demolish our self-restricting boundaries.

The East’s culture of ‘less is more’, as seen in even their daily activities (such as martial arts, making tea, calligraphy and arranging flowers) means they perform ‘in the most skillful way possibly to express themselves with maximum efficiency and minimum strain. Through this efficient, adroit, and creative performance, they arrive at art. But if they continue to delve even more deeply into their art, they discover principles that are truly universal, principles relating to life itself.’  (H.E. Davey)

And then, there is John’s fascination with the ‘Old Time Strongmen’ and the intriguing Victorian phenomenon of ‘Vaudeville’ – a bohemianesque theatrical genre of extreme, bizarre and exotic ‘variety entertainment’ which strung together the performance of feats of strength by the genre’s famed Strongmen along with contortionists, bearded ladies, burlesque, comics, trapeze artists, magicians, fire eaters and musicians.


Man’s existential obsession with those who possess extraordinary strength is an ancient and persistent one – and by the 19th Century, those who chose to spend their time developing their strength and musculature were generally considered ‘freaks’ and would perform in circuses and Vaudeville events, always attracting excitedly curious crowds. These men (and women!) earned themselves the title of ‘old-time strongman’, performing superhuman feats of strength. They lifted weights, anchors, barrels, people, horses and even cars – also bending thick iron bars, horseshoes and thick slabs of wood. This is remarkably reminiscent of the martial arts’ discipline of competitive ‘breaking’ (typically wood) which is based on artistic impression, number of items broken in a given amount of time, number of items broken with a single strike, or time to break a number of items.

The parallelism between the principles and philosophy of the East’s martial arts and the West’s Strongmen expresses the universal human need for inner and outer strength and excellence – which we can each attain if we choose to – by employing our unique abilities, learning new and highly challenging skills, and practicing with tenacious, hardcore discipline. These are the foundational principles of high performance and success; they are universal and applicable across all of life’s segments – from sports to art to business.

By applying these principles to his own life, and helping others to do the same, John undeniably demonstrates that his forging together of the martial arts’ and Strongmen principles is a unique but universally applicable way to live. He believes it is a powerful blueprint on which we can rebuild our selves, bodies and businesses to effect incredible change and brilliance of progress.



The corporate world can be directly likened to the world of sport, where the very same foundational principles of high performance as an athlete and team apply to achieving business excellence as an individual and company. John’s corporate training and motivation draw on his unique philosophy and modus operandi of forging elite corporate fitness through building inner and outer strength in a way which is effective, sustainable and individualised; by employing our unique abilities, acquiring new, advanced skills, and daily working with tenacity, commitment, passion and endurance.

John lays down this powerful blueprint for corporates in team-building scenarios and key-note talks, igniting within us with the spark to set our vision aflame and light the winning way forward for ourselves, our employees and clients – equipping us with the guaranteed knowledge on which progress, success and excellence is built and achieved.


John endorses and exercises the CrossFit principles of maintaining constant variation of functional movement, as well as high-intensity strength and conditioning so as to dynamically and measurably optimise fitness. Crossfit is utilised worldwide by champion martial artists, elite and professional athletes, military special operations units – and people like you and I. Trainees are prepared – mentally and physically – to meet any physical contingency head-on, whether predictably known or strikingly out of the blue. The communal aspect of CrossFit, where trainees typically train together, is also a definingly unique component of why it’s such a powerful fitness application. Crossfit is all about universal scalability, making it the ultimate application for any one person, regardless of experience.

John splits his fitness training into two distinct sectors:

General Fitness:
The programme is designed to powerfully deliver a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. Variation of intensity, load and exercise-type is the core focus in attaining and maintaining individualized high performance.

Athletic Specialisation:
Using the Crossfit principles as a foundation, John designs highly specialised programmes for athletes where ‘training must mimic the specific movement’ of their individual sports discipline, thereby radically optimising performance and endurance.


John lives and breathes the concept that achieving and maintaining peak physical performance is the ultimate metaphor for changing your life. When you change your body, you change your mind – and vice versa, the inner training in disciplined perseverance, endurance and strengthening is what empowers the body to push beyond its limits. Conversely, the physical training of the body trains the mind, becoming stronger, more pure in intention and powerful in effecting permanent change.

John walks alongside us as we discover how the power of our belief in ourselves demolishes self-confining mental boundaries, which then propels us out from our lethargic mediocrity to claiming enduring excellence for ourselves. He gives us his high performance ‘map’ which we can follow as we can change our bodies, minds and lives – and change the lives of others in a potent Butterfly Effect, where small, positive changes in an individual result in larger and larger changes in an exponentially progressive ripple effect.