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John has a proven method for unlocking greatness. Through sheer force and control of his mind he’s been able to perform feats deemed to be impossible, earning him the moniker - The Last Strongman of Africa. In that same vein he’s been able to coach and impact athletes and business people alike - demolishing self-confining mental boundaries, propelling clients out from lethargic mediocrity and onto claiming excellence for themselves.

He is available for speaking engagements, team building events as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. He can work with you to help you to achieve performance and business excellence, motivate your staff and customers, inspire you and change how you view yourself within a few minutes.

He believes that everyone has genius - it’s his purpose to help unlock it. Essentially everyone is born to do something at a world class level. You can be world class regardless of your profession.

Book John today to inspire and unlock your or your team’s genius.

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Phone: 0765393060

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